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Our small Group Experiences can be used towards professional CEUs, CMEs and university credit.

Anir Experience
1297 Dark Hollow Road
Alderson, WV 24910
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Medical Service Trips:
Anir works with medical students in all areas of speciality
designing both clinical and research experiences.
Student physicians, nurses, PA's are offered connections for
experiential courses in infectious diseases: HIV & AIDS, TB, and
Malaria, women's and children's health and more
See Africa from a
different perspective
The Anir Foundation was founded by Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer and her daughter Rachel Blue Biesemeyer in 1997.
After visiting South Africa three times between 1995-1997, news broke in the USA about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Southern
Africa. Adrienne and Rachel felt they wanted to get involved and wanted to encourage others to get involved. Lot's of
organization give $$ to a problem, but few give of themselves so Adrienne and Rachel Blue wanted to offer a chance for
individuals to make a difference with their own two hands.

Anir Experience is a 501c3 USA based non profit organization that works with North Americans creating opportunities for
them to learn about and to experience the beauty and wonder of the continent of Africa while on a "working" or educational
holiday. There are wonderful, peaceful countries on the continent and Anir Experience offers its participants a glimpse of
this wonder while having the opportunity of giving a
helping hand.